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Unlocking Africa’s Space Potential: NewSpace Africa Conference 2024

The NewSpace Africa Conference stands as a premier gathering of luminaries, entrepreneurs, investors, and key players within the African space and satellite industry. In a global landscape where private-sector initiatives are driving space commercialization, this event serves as a focal point for exploring the burgeoning opportunities within Africa’s space sector, transcending traditional geopolitical boundaries and welcoming diverse market players.

The African space industry’s trajectory is marked by significant growth, with a valuation of USD 19.49 billion in 2021, projected to reach USD 22.64 billion by 2026. This expansion is propelled by the increasing involvement of African nations in space endeavors, investment in space enterprises, and the proliferation of over 270 NewSpace companies across the continent. These companies are pioneering space technologies and offering services that cater to various sectors, including telecommunications, defense, agriculture, and healthcare, among others.

The NewSpace Africa Conference, scheduled for April 2-5, 2024, at the Talatona Convention Centre in Luanda, Angola, presents a unique opportunity for stakeholders to converge and explore the vast potential of Africa’s space industry.

Why Participate

1. Interact, Build, Connect, and Network: The conference serves as a hub for forging new relationships and collaborations within the African space and satellite ecosystem. By facilitating interactions between government officials, industry leaders, academia, and investors, the event aims to propel the industry forward through meaningful partnerships.

2. Exhibit Your Organization: Exhibitors gain a platform to showcase their latest products, innovations, and services to a diverse audience. This exhibition space fosters engagement with potential clients, partners, and collaborators, highlighting how their offerings contribute to advancing the industry.

3. Stay Abreast of Industry Developments: As a unified platform, the conference brings together professionals from various segments of the space industry. This convergence fosters dialogue and collaboration, driving creative solutions to the challenges and opportunities within Africa’s space sector.

Who Will Attend

  • Heads of Africa Space Agencies and Top Executives: Leaders shaping the direction of space exploration in Africa.
  • National Ministries and Government Officials: Policymakers and representatives from ministries of science, technology, and communications.
  • NewSpace Companies: Entrepreneurs driving innovation and commercialization within the industry.
  • Universities and Research Institutions: Academic institutions contributing to research and development in space technologies.
  • Young Professionals and Students: The next generation of talent entering the space sector.
  • Members of the Press: Media representatives covering developments in Africa’s space industry.

In summary, the NewSpace Africa Conference provides a platform for collaboration, innovation, and exploration, driving the advancement of Africa’s space and satellite industry towards a future of unprecedented growth and opportunity.

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