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AR Index

The African Research (AR) Index is a comprehensive scholarly directory and database focused explicitly on journal publishers that publish and disseminate African research. The AR Index is one of the tools employed by AR Magazine in ensuring the effective communication and dissemination of African research globally. The AR Index improves the accessibility, availability, visibility and citation of indexed journals. Articles from these journals are featured in AR Magazine. It is the goal of the magazine to help African authors find these journals more easily.

Indexing African research in a scholarly database is of utmost importance as it recognizes and elevates the significance and contributions of African scholars and their work. By including African research in AR Index, we ensure that valuable knowledge and insights from diverse perspectives are accessible to the global academic community. The African Research (AR) Index helps bridge knowledge gaps, promotes a more inclusive scholarly discourse, and encourages collaborations between African researchers worldwide. Additionally, it facilitates the identification of emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities specific to Africa, fostering evidence-based policymaking and sustainable development on the continent. Indexing African research in a scholarly database such as the AR Index fosters equitable representation, promotes cultural diversity, and advances the quality and relevance of scholarly work.

For a journal to be indexed in African Research (AR) Index, it must be affiliated with one of the following:
– A University or Faculty or Department
– An Academic Society or Academic Association
– A Research Institution or Research Group
– A Professional Organization (Non-profit)
– A Library

AR Index
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