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Empower Your Impact: NELGA Research Communication Workshop 2024 – Bridging Gaps in African Land Governance

The NELGA Research Communication Workshop invites applications for its upcoming event designed to enhance the visibility and accessibility of NELGA’s research findings, fostering improved collaboration between research and policy in the realm of land governance in Africa.

Workshop Objectives: The workshop, scheduled for a 3-day physical gathering between February and March 2024 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, seeks to empower participants with practical skills and strategies for effectively communicating research findings. Key objectives include:

  1. Understanding the Land Policy Development Process:
    • Explore the role of national research agendas in shaping land policy.
    • Improve comprehension of the complexities involved in the development of land policies.
  2. Research Strategy Development:
  3. Skills Enhancement:
    • Enhance skills in producing high-quality, evidence-based research outputs, such as policy briefs.
    • Disseminate best practices in policy brief development for wider impact.
  4. Policy Dialogue Engagement:
    • Provide insights into effective engagement with decision-makers through policy dialogues.
    • Encourage participants to actively contribute to policy dialogues in the context of land governance.

Benefits: PROMAN, under the GIZ-SLGA program, will cover travel costs and accommodation for successful applicants. Additionally, participants will receive personalized coaching and mentorship sessions post-workshop.

Eligibility Criteria: Prospective participants should hold a Master’s degree or an equivalent, be active members of NELGA with ongoing research projects on land governance in Africa, and demonstrate a commitment to contributing to policy dialogues and research communication in the context of land governance.

How to Apply: Applicants are encouraged to showcase their passion and understanding of land governance and research communication through three application formats:

  1. Written Application: Submit a motivational letter (maximum 400 words).
  2. Video Introduction: Create a short video (not exceeding 3 minutes).
  3. Visual Representation: Develop a visual representation (e.g., infographic, conceptual map, or digital presentation).

Application Guidelines: Applicants should introduce themselves, emphasizing their background in land governance and expressing why the workshop is crucial for bridging communication gaps. They should detail their experience in land governance research and policymaking, their interest in the workshop, and how they plan to apply the skills gained.

Workshop Details:

  • Date: February-March 2024 (TBC)
  • Time: 3 Days on site
  • Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (TBC)
  • Application Deadline: January 17th, 2024, 4 pm EAT.

Participation in this workshop promises not only to broaden horizons but also to empower individuals to make a meaningful impact in the field of land governance. Applicants are encouraged to share this opportunity within their networks. Apply by January 17th, 2024, 4 pm EAT for a chance to be part of this transformative experience.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the NELGA Research Communication Workshop

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