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ASMEA Research Grants 2024: Exploring Diversity in the Middle East and Africa

In an effort to foster diverse discussions and promote fresh research initiatives concerning the Middle East and Africa, ASMEA (Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa) is pleased to announce its Research Grants Program for the year 2024. The program aims to support innovative research endeavors on various pertinent topics within the region. We encourage scholars to delve into areas that merit greater attention and exploration.

Topics of Interest

  1. Minorities and Women:
    • Exploring feminism, women’s rights, and family law within the cultural and societal contexts of the Middle East and Africa.
    • Investigating the experiences and challenges faced by minority groups, such as Christians, Alevis, Bahai, Berbers, Druze, Kurds, and Yazidis.
  2. Military History:
    • Analyzing the ideologies, intentions, and methodologies of terrorist groups operating within the region.
    • Studying conventional conflicts and proxy wars, as well as strategies for national security, deterrence, and proliferation.
  3. Governance and Economy:
    • Examining power dynamics, including electoral processes, patronage systems, and coercive tactics employed by governing bodies.
    • Investigating political and economic reform movements, as well as issues related to corruption and resource management.
  4. Faith:
    • Delving into various aspects of Islamism, Islamic heterodoxy, and reform movements within the Islamic world.
    • Exploring the dynamics of Shia-Sunni rivalry and the geopolitical implications of Iran’s influence in the region.
  5. Current Political Affairs:
    • Analyzing contemporary political developments, including center-periphery dynamics and minority-majority relations.
    • Investigating traditional and modern approaches to governance, as well as expressions of dissent through protest, cultural movements, youth engagement, migration, and violence.

Guidelines for Applicants

  • Applicants must be current members of ASMEA engaged in the study of the Middle East or Africa, either as doctoral students, post-doc researchers, or academic professionals.
  • Proposals must represent original and unpublished research relevant to ASMEA’s designated areas of study.
  • Preference will be given to first-time and junior grant applicants, although all applications will be evaluated based on merit.
  • Each application must include a brief letter of reference from the applicant’s department chair or dissertation advisor.
  • Successful applicants are expected to present their research at the Seventeenth Annual ASMEA Conference in Washington, D.C., and grant winners must grant ASMEA the right of first refusal for potential publication of their papers in the peer-reviewed Journal of the Middle East and Africa.

Membership Overview

Membership in ASMEA is open to scholars, students, government employees, and interested members of the public involved in Middle Eastern and African studies. Various membership categories are available, including full, associate, student, undergraduate student, combined, and institutional memberships.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to the peer-reviewed Journal of the Middle East and Africa, published quarterly.
  • Opportunities to compete for awards, research grants, and travel grants.
  • Discounted rates for language courses and trips to Morocco through the DC Internationals MESALI Programs.
  • Reduced registration fees for the annual ASMEA conference and special events.
  • Access to book review opportunities, the ASMEA e-newsletter, job bank, member directory, and discussion forum for collaboration and networking.

For further inquiries or to apply for a grant, please visit the ASMEA website 2024 Research Grant Program ( The deadline for grant applications is April 30, 2024.

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