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Pharmacology and Toxicology of Natural Medicines

Index Status: ACTIVE [Listed in AR Index] as at Jun 2024
AR Index Number: 404422


AR index Pharmacology & Toxicology of Natural Medicines (ISSN: 2756-6838) is an open access journal that is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in natural medicines. The journal is published only in English. It reports all aspects of the pharmacology and toxicology of extracts, fractions of extracts, isolated compounds or their synthetic derivatives, and formulated products that are of natural origin (e.g. from plants, mushrooms, animals, microbes, and marine creatures). Manuscripts are published as original articles, reviews, short communications, and letters to the editor after a fast but rigorous peer review process. Specific areas within the scope of the journal include: Evaluation of safety and/or efficacy of natural extracts, fractions, and isolated compounds or their synthetic derivatives. Investigation of the scientific basis for the effects of natural medicines. Repositioning studies of natural medicines with known safety and efficacy. Clinical evaluations including observati

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