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African Researchers Magazine (ISSN: 2714-2787) is an authoritative, non-profit, scholarly publication focused on African research communication and dissemination. Our goal is to promote African research findings and contribution to end users (governments, policies makers, practitioners, professionals, academics, business people, NGOs and the laymen on the streets of Africa), thereby influencing decision making for the greater good of the continent.
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I hold a Ph.D in Business Administration coupled with three Masters Degrees in multi-disciplinary areas in Business Administration and ICT with a total of 11 academic publications and have attended several Conferences, Seminars and Workshops within and outside Nigeria. I have very peculiar attributes, wide spectrum of skills and broad-based cognate experience in Management Sciences with research interests in Management Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning as well as in the design, development and implementation of Learning Contents Management System including Web Portal Administration, Managed-Learning-Environment (MLE), Computer-Mediated-Communication (CMC), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Key Performance Index (KPI) Assessment and Evaluation as well as Accounts Profiling in a Database Management System. I am a Certified Management Consultant, a Fellow of Institute of Management Consultants, a Certified Management Specialist with advanced expertise in Technology Education especially in curriculum development and training, Microsoft Office Applications, High Profile Analytical Skills and Practical skills in Automotive Electrical Systems and Diagnostics Principles. I have very good communication skill and function well as a member of team or as a team leader and always result driven. My approach to problem solving is usually systemic and all inclusive. I have over 18 years work experience as a Teacher, Lecturer and Director of ICT in University environment, eight of which at very senior management level within the organised Private Sector. I am a Commonwealth Scholar and possess a British University Masters Degree qualification in Information & Communication Technology/Education as well as M.Sc. in Business Administration and MBA.