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African Researchers Magazine (ISSN: 2714-2787) is an authoritative, non-profit, scholarly publication focused on African research communication and dissemination. Our goal is to promote African research findings and contribution to end users (governments, policies makers, practitioners, professionals, academics, business people, NGOs and the laymen on the streets of Africa), thereby influencing decision making for the greater good of the continent.
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Virologist Sunday Omilabu says information he gathers will help battle the spread of the disease in Africa’s most populous country – A Nigerian scientist has spent the holiday season in his laboratory doing genetic sequencing to learn more about the country’s COVID-19 variant, as cases increase in the country. Virologist Sunday Omilabu says the […]

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African Researchers Magazine Interview with Dr. Beckley IKHAJIAGBE. Speaking on: “Environmental Restoration and Food Security: the role of Bioremediation”

Kyeremanteng explains the causes Fish mortality in water bodies
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Phillip Kyeremanteng is a Ghana-based Environmental Management Leader with extensive experience in overseeing the environment performance in the private and public sector organisations. He is an Expert in ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, Contaminated Lands Risk Assessment, Solid and Nuclear Waste Management. In this article, Kyeremanteng threw some light on […]

Ethiopia: Food Science Research Towards Curbing Malnutrition, Food Insecurity Challenges
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Food Science and Nutrition Research Directorate of Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) has been envisioning to develop novel and nutritious food products and technologies, come up with improved traditional food processing practices, make information available on quality and nutritional profiles of food materials. Besides, the directorate targets developing safe and wholesome food handling and […]

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Dance does more than delight the eye with feats of grace and athleticism. It teaches, transmitting a culture’s values, stories and traditions. This spring, Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre and Africana Studies Samuel Eliakem Kwame Nyamuame will return to his native country of Ghana to study traditional festival dances with Sylvanus Kwashie Kuwor, chair of […]

Oil palm has huge economic potentials for Ghana – New Research Findings
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A research conducted by the University of Ghana Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), has indicated that Oil Palm has a huge economic potential that can significantly alleviate rural poverty. According to the research, the Oil Palm sector does not only provide livelihoods to farmers but also many others along the value chain […]

Dr. Rebecca Nyonyintono
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While a number of retiring professionals often opt to detach from their respective professions, Dr Rebecca Mirembe Nyonyintono an educationist, child protection advocate and researcher in the social sciences has chosen to venture into book writing. As she retires from  academia that she has served since 1971 when she began lecturing at Makerere University shortly […]

Nigeria made Covid-19 Vaccine in clinical trial stage
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The Vice Chancellor of Adeleke University, Professor Solomon Adebiola, has disclosed that a covid-19 vaccine developed by Nigerian scientists is currently at the clinical trial stage. He added that the vaccine, which was recognised by the World Health Organisation and supported by the Federal Ministry of Health was developed by a scientist from Adeleke University, […]

A Gambian Scientist rubbishes President’s HIV Treatment Programme
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A Gambian born international scientist, Dr Assan Jaye, has rubbished former President Yahya Jammeh’s claimed to have cure for the HIV/Aids virus. Dr Jaye who gave a marathon testimony on the genesis of HIV at the country’s Truth Commission on Wednesday, disclosed that Jammeh’s claimed of curing HIV was not only baseless but quite “shocking”. […]

Gene editing researcher Samuel Acheampong in his lab at the University of Cape Coast.
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Research on Ghana’s first gene-edited crop — a high-yielding sweet potato with increased beta carotene content — is under way at the University of Cape Coast. “For sweet potatoes, we want to look at how we can use the CRISPR-Cas9 system to increase beta carotene,” said Samuel Acheampong of the university’s Department of Molecular Biology […]

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