African Researchers Magazine Media Internship and Training Program

Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (S.I.W.E.S) Industrial Training (I.T)

For those hoping to major in journalism, digital publishing and media publication there is no better way to explore potential career options than by taking on an internship. Best of all, internships are a great way of getting one step closer to your dream job.

African Researchers Magazine Media Internship and Training Program offers:

AR Journalism internship

As a journalism intern for African Researchers Magazine, you’ll learn how to produce engaging content that fits the style and tone of your publication. During your internship, you’ll take on projects such as conducting interviews, uploading website content and managing the company’s social media accounts. You may also be offered the opportunity to write articles which you can add to your portfolio. If you’re considering a career in journalism, this is the internship for you.

AR Editorial internship

An editorial internship at African Researchers Magazine ensures you’ll learn how to engage in creative content writing, sourcing photos and crafting posts that can be used across the magazine website and social media channels. You’ll contribute to strategies designed to increase the organization’s online publishing activities. In addition to researching, writing, editing and creating outlines for new articles, you’ll also monitor feedback and statistics for the magazine’s posts and assist with implementing SEO strategies. This is a great internship for anyone who wants to learn as much as possible about digital media and to develop solid editorial skills along the way.

AR Content marketing internship

A content marketing internship is perfect for journalism and media majors who are looking to work closely with marketing, advertising and PR teams at African Researchers Magazine. From writing content for the magazine’s website to organizing and researching information for the magazine’s newsletter, you’ll be participating in most aspects of content marketing and sharpening your copywriting skills along the way. During your internship, you’ll also get a chance to research, outline and write magazine posts relevant to our target audience as well as writing press releases for new campaigns. This is a wonderful internship for anyone interesting in going into marketing after graduation.

AR Social media internship

As a social media intern at African Researchers Magazine, you’ll assist in crafting social media posts and monitor the impact of those posts across different social channels. You’ll also get hands-on experience with social media tools like Google Analytics and HootSuite, as well as learning how to use metrics to optimize campaigns. This is a great internship for journalism majors interested in developing creative social campaigns and engaging users in the process.

AR Copywriting internship

A copywriting internship is all about writing engaging material and maintaining good communication with your team at African Researchers Magazine. As a copywriting intern, you’ll gain hands-on experience writing brochures, reports and marketing materials. You’ll also assist with drafting and editing blog posts, news articles and website content. Last but not least, you’ll learn how to monitor marketing and media trends and modify your writing style to suit your audience. This a wonderful internship for anyone interested in advertising or marketing.

AR Broadcast internship

As a broadcast intern for African Researchers Magazine, you’ll get to observe the planning, operation and execution of a African Researcher Magazine media show, radio program or podcast. Your responsibilities could range from administrative duties like researching and fact-checking news stories to more advanced tasks like booking guests, developing scripts and putting together press releases. If you’re interested in learning about broadcasting, this could be the right internship for you.

African Researchers Magazine is currently training and empowering young and talented individuals who are interested in academic and research magazine publication. The training and internship programme are conducted all year round i.e. the training duration are 3months, 6months and 12months. Vacancies currently exists for 2020 internship.

To apply: Send your two-page Resume/CV, Cover letter and other supporting documents to with email subject “African Researchers – Internship Programme”

Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (S.I.W.E.S) Industrial Training (I.T)