Nexus between Gender differences and Sexual Satisfaction in selected Married couples in Ilishan, Ogun State, Nigeria

Scholarly discourse has intensified the debate on differences regarding sexual drive, sexual initiation, and intimacy between male and female partners and sexual satisfaction in marriage. A pre-tested questionnaire was administered to 124 married students of Babcock University and results were analysed using various regression analysis. Findings revealed that sexual initiation has no influence on sexual satisfaction. It depicted that sexual drive provokes sexual satisfaction more in males than in females while intimacy tends to engender sexual satisfaction more in females than in their male counterparts where the joint effect of the three variables on sexual satisfaction was tested. Furthermore, length of time in marriage significantly moderates the relationship between intimacy and sexual satisfaction. The study confirms intimacy as a key driver in the sexual satisfaction of married couples and recommends its embrace in obedience to the Holy book, as it motivates sexual initiation and increases sexual drive in each partner.