Sex Education in Nigeria: Attitude of Secondary School Adolescents and The Role of Parents and Stakeholders

This study was carried out by Musa, A. of the Department of Clinical Nursing. Sir Muhammad Sanusi Specialist Hospital (SMSSH), Kano, Kano State, Nigeria. The study investigated the level of awareness of sex education among secondary school adolescents in Niger state, to assess the level of the already initiated comprehensive sex education program by the federal ministry of health. The study utilizes an empirical survey design. In order to obtain data for the research, stratified random and judgmental sampling technique were adopted. The instrument used to elicit information from the respondents was a well-structured questionnaire. Result from the study shows that it is important to impact knowledge about sex and sexuality to adolescents. As, many of the respondents show positive attitude towards sex education (65%), they knew its effectiveness (54%) and consequence of risk behaviors (86%) but lacked appropriate knowledge (42%). Based on these findings, it is therefore imperative that adolescents need more sex education at all levels with full parental participation.