The effect of fluorescent light and packaging materials on the shelf life of plantain and banana chips during storage

Plantain and Banana chips are sliced plantain and banana, deep-fried in vegetable oil for the purpose of direct consumption and as a form of preservation. A recent research by T.A. Adeniji of the Department of Food Science and Technology, Rivers State University of Technology, Nigeria was conducted to determine the effect of light on the shelf life of two African plantain landraces and one cooking banana hybrid were investigated.

The researcher observed that chips stored in the upper compartment of the cupboard where fluorescent tube was used developed objectionable flavour after a week of storage. It was generally observed that chips in black bags stored better than those in transparent bags irrespective of storage conditions. Similarly, chips packed in transparent polythene and stored in unlighted box had a better storage life compared to samples packed in transparent bag and exposed to light.